MIG BAD BIKE:the folding e-scooter with FAT tires!

Bad Bike, one of the most innovative brands in the Italian urban micro mobility sector and one of the first to introduce FOLDING e-bike with 10x4,00” Fat tires, is proud to present in worldwide preview, the MIG, a FOLDING e-scooter equipped with 10x4,00” TUBELESS FAT tires.


Activated the most complete warranty available on the market!

Thanks to our "extended" warranty, among the one of the most complete on the market, you will not have to worry about anything. Just enjoy your Bad Bike! Register your warranty!

MIG always with you
Download the app !

Thanks to this practical app you can have the MIG always connected to you. Check out on your phone the traveled kms, battery life and lights! Click and download according to your operating system!

Get the password for your Bluetooth connection

Click on the link to get Bluetooth access and connect your MIG to your phone! Find out how to get it!


Discover how to connect your App!

Follow the tutorial and discover how to connect the MIG to your mobile phone!

  • Download the App

  • Connect the App via Bluetooth

  • Enter the password and connect the MIG to your mobile phone

  • It's a done deal!


Discover all the details of our MIG

  • MIG 10x4.00” tubeless tires 

  • equipped with a very simple and intuitive folding system.

  • ergonomic footboard made of the best non-slip materials